🆕 BlockchainSpace’s Axie Academy Bot Gets a New Automated Scholarship Application Feature!

Good day, GUIDLers! While the market may be indecisive right now, one thing’s for sure — we at BlockchainSpace continue building day in and out for you!

We are proud to announce that our Axie Academy Discord Bot has a brand new Automated Scholarship Application feature!

This new update will help guild managers filter scholarship applications faster and easier. Instead of going through hundreds of messages and resumes in different formats, the Automated Scholarship Application feature will bring uniformity and efficiency to the whole process.

Scholars also benefit from this feature, making the application requirements much less complicated. Interested applicants now only have to answer 15 simple questions to apply for a scholarship.

The Automated Scholarship Application Process takes only three simple steps:

  1. Invite the Axie Academy Discord Bot to your Discord server.
  2. Type in the command line !apply english in your Discord Bot channel.
  3. The bot will collect the details and generate separate application files for each applicant in a private channel for the guild manager to review.

This feature will be available in additional languages soon! Please stay tuned for our next releases.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and manage scholarship programs. We identify economic opportunities in games and connect guilds with gamers, game titles, and investors. We empower the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential, scalable infrastructure, digital tools, financing solutions, and networking opportunities.

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BlockchainSpace enables PlayToEarn Guilds to scale in the Metaverse