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As an overview, Axie Scholarships are programs run by Axie Owners that loan teams of Axies to New Users so they can earn SLP (Axie Infinity’s in-game reward token). New Users are attracted to this because the current Battle Systems that earn SLP (PVP and PVE) require New Users to own 3 Axies to form a team to play. The cost of a competitive 3-Axie Team at the time of writing is around ETH 0.2, equivalent to US$145 today.

When BlockchainSpace launched Axie Academy at the start of November 2020, there were around 10 active…

Become an Axie Scholar and Earn SLP

To join the Axie Academy Scholarship Program follow these basic steps:

  1. Fill in our Google Form here
  2. Join our Discord here
    (Important: Your username should match the username you entered in the google form)
  3. Download Axie Infinity!



Windows (via Mavis Hub): https://axieinfinity.com/downloads/axie_infinity-latest-windows.zip

Mac0S (via Mavis Hub): https://axieinfinity.com/downloads/axie_infinity-latest-macos.dmg

Play games to support livelihood


BlockchainSpace has been an education hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency in the Philippines since 2018. Our goal has been to teach communities how to benefit from this new wave of technology and to empower local talent to use it.

Blockchain games has been an amazing platform for beginners to get into crypto and Axie Infinity (www.axieinfinity.com) has been leading this revolution! Not only do you get to play a fun game with cute characters , you can now support livelihood from just playing and become a stakeholder!

Some players that farm SLP (Small Love…


BlockchainSpace is an education hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency in the Philippines

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