📢 The BSPC Sticker Contest

The Rewards

  • 6 will be selected to win a total of $1000 USDC.
  • 1 person will win $500 USDC with 5 others winning $100 USDC each
  • We will tweet out your handles and images of the winning stickers. Your stickers will also be featured in future chats.
  • The potential for future collaboration with us on paid design projects.

How to Enter

  1. As a single Imgur post dropped in our Discord channel:
  2. Sent to our official BlockspaceChain Telegram


  • The image format must be transparent — PNG format
  • Resolution of the stickers must be 512 x 512px.
  • No NSFW stickers. We’re all for wholesome fun here.
  • It must be an original work with a BlockchainSpace theme.
  • Sticker sets using Blockchainspace’s branding will get a better chance of winning.



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