Crafting Heroes For The Metaverse: BSPC x Crypto Heroes

Some say heroes are born, not made. We beg to disagree: heroes become heroes precisely because of what they go through. All the grind, the struggle, and the eventual triumph.

The same can be said about our latest partner, Crypto Heroes, a game developed by Noku, a crypto game studio that’s been making waves in the NFT scene of late.

Crypto Heroes is the industry’s first cross-chain NFT project, with gaming and farming mechanics built into its core. The game also features a low-fee minting process, opening a number of opportunities to those who seek it. The game’s protocol is built on top of the company’s proprietary NPFS (Noku Planetary File System), with metadata open for sharing through the ERC-721 standard.

Crypto Heroes is designed as a Trading Card Game (TCG) with characters based on the blockchain world, with results arranged according to the real-world cryptocurrencies that players may choose from. The game developers also hold regular matches and tournaments, with prizes available in their native token, $NOKU, as well as exclusive card packs.

Crypto Heroes is about to release Genesis, a profile picture (PFP) NFT collection. The collection will feature traits that are unique to each NFT, with exclusive tournaments for Heroes owners who may win up to 1 BTC. Users can also stake a Hero and earn tokens and rewards based on a specific NFT’s value. Buyers will also be provided with early access to the Crypto Heroes metaverse, with a release set for late summer this year.

As part of our collaboration, Crypto Heroes will be providing free assets (yup, you read that right!) to all our Guild Partners, allowing our community to test drive their trading card metaverse game.

There’s a whole lot more in store as the platform progresses, with future collaborations and opportunities waiting for those who seize the moment today. Excited about this new project? Check out the game here!

About BlockchainSpace
BlockchainSpace, the largest hub for play-to-earn and play and earn communities globally, enables guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in games. All of this encourages the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential digital tools and financing to scale.

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BlockchainSpace enables PlayToEarn Guilds to scale in the Metaverse

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BlockchainSpace enables PlayToEarn Guilds to scale in the Metaverse

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