BlockchainSpace Partners with OneRare, Bringing Culinary Arts to the Metaverse

BlockchainSpace, the world’s largest hub for play-to-earn guilds, is very excited to announce that we will partner up with the world’s first food metaverse, OneRare! To celebrate our love for food, OneRare is creating an immersive and gamified experience of culinary culture on the blockchain, and we at BlockchainSpace (BSPC) are ready to bring their food metaverse, or “Foodverse”, to our millions of gamers and thousands of guilds.

BlockchainSpace x OneRare

Through this partnership, BSPC and OneRare will provide guilds with the opportunity to stake OneRare’s native token, $ORARE, on one of their platform’s six staking pools. By staking $ORARE, guilds will then start earning ingredients to begin minting some of their favorite dishes. BSPC is also interested in featuring OneRare on the Guild Radio podcast to highlight their exciting features to energize guilds and gamers.

What is OneRare?

To onboard chefs and users to the metaverse, OneRare will feature a unique Foodverse that is divided into four areas complete with a land allotment system. Players will have the opportunity to explore the metaverse and be able to play, earn, collect, and battle in numerous ways. With easy and entertaining gameplay and plenty of minigames, OneRare appeals to everyone. After all, who doesn’t love food!

With their testnet launching on the Polygon network in just a couple of weeks and the full launch scheduled in April, OneRare will offer gamers the ability to collect various ingredient NFTs to eventually create and claim an NFT dish. Users will be able to sell their NFT dishes to other users on the trading platforms MEXC and QuickSwap or, in the future, redeem them at real-world restaurants for real food, such as fries at McDonald’s or KFC.

As the world of the food blockchain continues to develop, we at BSPC are ready to be there every step of the way with OneRare. Stay tuned to learn more details on this exciting partnership as it develops in the coming weeks.

About OneRare

OneRare is the world’s first food metaverse, aka, “Foodverse”. We are building the first tokenization layer that celebrates food one the blockchain, creating an immersive and gamified experience for users worldwide. Traverse our Foodverse to collect Ingredients, claim Dishes from across the world, and use our NFTs to play Mini Games. OneRare also brings the global food and beverage industry to Web3. Interact with celebrity chefs, global restaurants, and brands in the metaverse, collect their special NFTs and swap them for real meals across the world.

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About BlockChainSpace
BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in games. We embolden the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential digital tools and financing to scale.

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