BlockchainSpace partners with MetaSports to power its NFT esports ecosystem with $GUILD token

One of our goals is to build interoperability and tooling for the play-to-earn ecosystem. We’re excited to announce our partnership with MetaSports, the company behind the Lunacian Scholarship League to power its esports ecosystem with $GUILD and future tools.

Competition through esports is an integral part of gaming. This is especially true for Play-to-Earn guilds that look to build an edge with highly skilled players and provide recreational environments for their player base.

The Lunacian Scholarship League (LSL), was the first professional organized esports league for the leading Play-to-Earn Game Title: Axie Infinity. The new Web 3 esports company behind LSL is MetaSports — which aims to reimagine esports applications across the rapid number of launching NFT Games.

Since its first invitational tournament in February early this year, MetaSports through LSL has grown into a battle hub for Axie Infinity competitors, with some notable milestones:

  • 100+ Play-to-Earn guilds engaged and growing
  • Completion of 2 full 4-month season leagues with over $30,000USD value in prizing across notable sponsors such as Yield Guild, MakerDAO, Community Gaming, HaloDAO,
  • Launch of 2 additional tournament experiences in Friday Night Axie (FNA) & SLP Race
  • Averaging of 120+ players weekly at FNA and fast-growing
  • Powering other Axie esports organizers w/ professional esports broadcast production and tournament operations
  • Innovations in esports NFT experiences with the creation of NFT trophies & League Tickets as NFTs
  • Participating in strategic alpha and beta testing of other games for esports verticals

MetaSports Co-founder & CEO Joe Josue, shares, “We see massive potential in a token built for guilds to be powering our esports ecosystem, not only in Axie Infinity, but across NFT Games. Guilds are esports teams for us who create tournament experiences — and we can think of dozens of uses for an interoperable token across prizing, purchasing, trading, and more. We’re excited and grateful to tap into BlockchainSpace data, analytics, and tool development to continue to innovate the player experience.”

“At their heart Play-To-Earn Guilds are communities of Gamers who thrive from competitive gameplay. MetaSports is a key piece of the Play-To-Earn ecosystem that keeps Play-To-Earn games fun, rewarding and interoperable. Joe and the team behind MetaSports have a proven track-record in understanding the needs of Guilds and seamlessly integrating Web 3 into their execution which will boost $GUILD value accrual across Guilds and NFT games worldwide,” said Peter Ing, Founder of BlockchainSpace.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in games. Our aim is to embolden the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential digital tools and financing.

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About MetaSports

MetaSports aims to reimagine Esports & Gaming in Web 3 — it’s flagship project, The Lunacian Scholarship League (LSL), is the first professional organized esports league for the leading Play-to-Earn Game Title: Axie Infinity. Launched in February 2021 with an invitational of just 8 guilds, the league has since grown into engaging more than 100+ Play-to-Earn guilds in its tournament and leagues, innovated in NFT esports experiences with NFT Trophies & League Tickets, and powered other esports NFT organizers with professional esports broadcast production and tournament operations.