BlockchainSpace — Guild Hub of the Metaverse

  • Player Applicant Onboarding & HR Dashboard
  • Forecasting Tools
  • Automated Cashout
  • Guild Investment
  • Industry benchmark across all play-to-earn games
  • Guild data feeds for the ecosystem
  • Guild Marketplace
  • Automated credit scoring and credit issuance
  • Increase Value — Beyond the tools available to streamline your guild’s operations, BlockchainSpace has a number of ways to accrue value, both for individual players and the guild as a whole. These include credit loan commissions, player management fees, inter-guild transactions, cashout commissions, token-granted permission to SaaS features, esports tournament fees, and many more.
  • Data-driven Insights — With a built-in guild dashboard, BlockchainSpace can help you manage your accounting, automate cashouts, provide an overall valuation of your guild, as well as provide key metrics and performance tracking for each guild member.
  • Grow Your Guild — Poorly managed guilds tend to fizzle out, and players will look to those that are run properly and efficiently. BlockchainSpace achieves both. Its unique credit allocation program can help guilds onboard new players, automate loan assessment and issuance, and integrate TradeFi and DeFi features.



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BlockchainSpace enables PlayToEarn Guilds to scale in the Metaverse