Axie Scholarships

Source: The NFT Game That Makes Cents for Filipinos During COVID
Source: Playing Axie Infinity vs Minimum Basic Salary in the Philippines
  1. Axie Scholarships take away the risk and the cost barrier
  1. Earn.
    Players can earn in-game currencies in return for that can be spent both in and outside of the game
  2. Invest.
    Players and investors can own in-game digital assets (characters, battle items, land) that are tradable both in and outside the game
  3. Govern.
    Players and investors can participate in the game’s internal economy and contribute to its governance
CryptoAtlas AMA with Yat Siu:
  1. Axies are denominated and traded in ETH, the native currency of Ethereum. As you accumulate axies, you are in effect investing in ETH. The price of ETH back in January 2020 was approx. US$130, today the price of ETH in January 2021 is approx. US$735. If you purchased or bred Axies in Jan 2020 and held till Jan 2021, the USD valuation would have returned 5.6x (assuming the ETH valuation of your axies did not drop).
  2. In the long-term the floor price (the cheapest axie you can buy off the marketplace) might appreciate. Floor price of axies in January 2020 was around 0.02ETH. In January 2021 the floor price of axies is 0.045ETH, a return of over 2x from a year ago.
  3. New monetization models such as Battle V2 and Landplay promise more ways to use your game assets to generate yield. You can speculate that new battle modes and new ways to interact with the Axie ecosystem such as through Landplay mean more ways to monetize any Axie assets you own.
Source: Axie Whitepaper



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